5 Healthy Hot Drinks to Support Your Immunity

Don’t you want savoring delicious drinks when you are tired or bored? These drinks not only boost your energy levels but relax the body and mind. I am listing here some such types of drinks that are delicious and good for your health to boost your immune system.


1. Green Tea – Green tea improves the immunity levels in a person. If a person is immune to diseases the chances of falling sick will come down and the person can lead a healthy life style. (Source & Further Reading: Benefits of Green Tea)

green tea


2. Lemon Tea – Lemon Tea with added ginger helps you in reducing cold and flu symptoms. Consumption of lemon tea 3 to 4 times daily in winters not only gives relief from sore throat but also boosts the immune system and warms you up.  (Source & Further Reading: Benefits of Lemon tea)

lemon tea


3. Basil Ginger Tea – Cold and flu are no longer a threat to your body once you make this cup of tea your companion. Ginger has warming properties that help keeping your lungs and respiratory tracts free from phlegm. Tulsi helps in treating infections, allergies, inflammations and other kinds of issues faced by the upper respiratory tract. (Source & Further Reading: Basil Ginger Tea)

 ginger tea


4. Turmeric Milk – Due to their anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties a glass of turmeric milk provides instant relief from sore throats coughs and cold. (Source & Further Reading: Turmeric Milk)



5. Honey Milk – Take a glass of this combination before you set out for your day in the morning and you are guaranteed enough energy to help you get through the morning rush. (Source and Further Reading: Benefits of Honey with Milk)

honey milk


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