Can Garlic Really Lower Your Blood Cholesterol?


High Blood Cholesterol is one of the major causes for heart attacks and strokes. It narrow down and hardens the arteries which also increase the blood pressure. In order to maintain the healthy heart we all should avoid high cholesterol foods, and to head the food which help to lower the cholesterol. Garlic is one of them. That said garlic is considered good for helping people control blood pressure.  It is found that people who consume more garlic, have their blood cholesterol levels significantly reduced.  Although both raw and cooked garlic are considered good but raw garlic cloves are proved to be more beneficial for health.

So how does garlic do this? When it is consumed, it dilates the muscles of blood vessels, thus lowering the blood pressure level. Garlic consists of adenosine, which is helpful in relaxing and vasodilation of the muscles. It also reduce the cholesterol levels by interfering with the formation of blood clots.

Various other studies show that garlic is not only beneficial in the reducing the blood cholesterol and blood pressure, but there are significant health benefits of garlic in many other disorder like diabetes, immune problems, cold, toothache, etc.


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