Preventing and Curing Pimples Naturally

Pimples or acne is one of the most embarrassing things teenagers face. While it is natural in that age, but they try their best to get rid of pimples, and indeed they can be prevented and cured as well with little care and efforts.

This post talks about how to get rid of pimples. A pimple is a type of acne, and one of the many results of excess oil getting trapped in the skin pores. Dust and dead skin also aid pimples to appear on the skin. Inside the skin pore, there are sebaceous glands which produce sebum (kind of oil). When the outer layers of skin shed which keep turning into the dead skin cells, become glued together by the sebum, the skin pores are blocked.  And it results into the pimples appear on the skin. Since the skin becomes thicker at the puberty, and sebaceous glands produce more sebum at this age, pimples appears mostly on this age.  

There are various ways to treat pimples. There are various acne medications which can be prescribed by a dermatologist or you can go for various natural treatments. Even various home remedies and natural ingredients are very beneficial in preventing and curing pimples. Natural ingredients such as turmeric, honey, etc are very useful in various skin problems. Keeping the skin clean is another good way to prevent pimples. And most important drink a plenty of water every day as it not only keeps your skin moisturized and purified but there are also a lot of other benefits of drinking water

Besides these effective home ingredients like turmeric, honey, etc. there are some essential oils which are quite effective in controlling acne and pimples. The magical oils like tea tree oil, lavender oils are very effective essential oils for acne. You can apply these oils on affected areas in diluted form. They don’t only help in curing acne but they have skin healing properties helping in treat other skincare problems.  . 


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